Pretty Much Perfect

by Rudest Priest

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released April 30, 2015

Recorded, Mixed and Printed March-April 2015 by the members of Rudest Priest.

Guitar - Matt, Vocals - Billy, Bass- Liza, Drums - Eric
Backing vocals on More Prisons More Profits by Jett
Saxaphone on Overwhelmed by Jessica Mills
Thanks to Lee, Jett and Alex for tracking help.



all rights reserved


Rudest Priest Albuquerque, New Mexico

Billy the Bunny on Vocals, Big Liza in My Back Yard on Bass, Matt Handplant on Guitar and Eric Crap Shoulder on Drums. 3 Generations of HARDCORE!

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Track Name: Too Busy Getting Fucked
We ain’t got no money
Everybody’s broke
It’s only getting worse
Equality’s a joke

You’re worried about race
You’re worried about gender
The upper-class elite
Are the only true offenders

There’s a war against the working class
Hard-working people getting kicked in the ass
The rich can do anything they want
They lie, cheat, and steal, for everything they got

If hard work brings you wealth
Then explain to me
Why the hardest working people
Live in poverty

You’re working three jobs
You’re barely getting paid
What you make in a year
Your boss makes in a day

The middle class is gone, you’re either rich or you’re poor
No matter what they take from us, they always want more
We’re living off table scraps, barely getting by
While salaries of CEOs are at an all time high

Just ’cause it could get worse
That don’t mean that it’s great
It could also be better
It’s never too late

We’re too busy getting fucked
To notice that we’re fucked
It’s tough to free yourself
When you don’t even know that you’re stuck
Track Name: Serve and Protect
We’re afraid of them
And they’re afraid of us
You can’t build community
You can’t even build trust

In every single city
It’s always just the same
The hunter and the hunted
A never-ending game

To serve and protect, protect, protect the wealth
Protection for themselves, for themselves, for no one else
Maintain the status quo, the status quo, the fuckin’ status quo
Part of the system, of the system, that’s the way it goes

Some cops are good
Most of them are not
The ones who thought they’d change things
It’s tougher than they thought

They start to fit in
They go with the flow
They’re working for a paycheck
And that’s the way it goes
Track Name: Humanicide
I can’t recall a time
When I thought it was okay
For humans to do the things
They do every single day

Wrecking the planet
And acting like dumb fucks
Fuck every human
Every human sucks

Scumdogs of the Universe
It’s time to exterminate
Life has gone from bad to worse
Nothing left to do but hate

The only thing I can think of
To save the earth
Is killing all humans
At the moment of birth

The trees will grow back
And the air will smell clean
Life will be perfect
If you know what I mean
Track Name: More Prisons, More Profits
I’m not asking for chaos, I don’t mind a few rules
But you can’t lock up everyone for everything they do
When prisons equal profit, it only makes sense
People get locked up for any small offense

Gotta shut it down, shut it down
Gotta make sure everybody knows
Maybe crime is up, maybe crime is down, but
The prison population just grows

We have more prisons than schools
So guess which is easier to get into?
Locking up the poor, and people of color
Sure seems like the easy thing to do
Track Name: Fancy Schmancy Motherfucker
Just because you got a nice car
That don’t mean I wanna go for a ride
And just because you got a nice watch
That don’t mean you’re gonna have a good time
And just because you got a busy schedule
That don’t mean you got somethin’ to do
And just because you got a nice phone
That don’t mean I wanna talk to you

All you fancy shmancy mother fuckers
Think you got it goin’ on
But all us working class punk rockers
Just keep writing more songs

Sometimes it’s tough, sometimes it’s hard
Trying to get by
But it’s better than being a total douche bag
And not even knowing why
Track Name: Searching For E.T.
Long, long ago
Back in 1983
The worst game ever
Was put out by Atari

They rushed it out for x-mas
It just wouldn’t sell
Four million copies
Buried in a landfill

Searching for ET

Carload of people
Four adults and a child
Walk into a landfill
Stand around for awhile

Decades old diaper grit
Pulverized filth
A legend less legendary
Covered in filth

A ripple of news
The games have been found
Excited, but not that excited
You can’t take them with you
What did you expect?
Was it worth it?
Sure why not, but never again
Track Name: Dong 8
It starts off so gradual
You don’t even notice
Pretty soon all the wrong things
Start to come into focus
A comfortable life and
Entertainment of all sorts
Music and movies
Television and sports

Now don’t get me wrong, we deserve to have fun
But let’s not forget, there are battles to be won
Although it seems so easy, to simply turn away
How we live tomorrow is determined by today

From the first day of school
You’re taught to love your oppressors
When the grown-ups bark an order
It’s always yes ma’ams and yes’sirs
We accept the disease
Of normality
Imagination disappears
And we accept reality
Track Name: Jitters
You start with just one cup
Then you finish off the rest
Then before you know it
You know you’re at your best

You got the fuckin’ jitters
You’ve had too much caffeine
You got the fuckin’ jitters
You’re a caffeine fiend

Jitters, mother fucker, jitters!
Track Name: Overwhelmed
So many problems, so where do we start?
These superficial differences are keeping us apart
We fight amongst each other, like dogs over a bone
Each of us determined to make it on our own

Turn on the fuckin’ news, I’ll tell you what you see
The fucking one percent, controlling your tv
They fan the flames of fear, the masses start to panic
We turn on each other and we do it out of habit

It can’t go on forever, one day we’ll realize
The people have the power and every president lies
Of course I’m fucking angry, of course I’m fucking pissed
Politicians shaking hands, we should shake fists

I envision a future
With lots of bike lanes
And people of all genders
Are treated just the same

Money is irrelevant
Skateboarding’s not a crime
We make sure revolution
Is happening all the time

I don’t know about you
But I hate the upper class
And every politician
From the first to the last

Why are we overwhelmed?
Let’s turn this thing around
Overwhelm them
And tear the system down
Track Name: Three Generations
No where he could go
Nothing he could do
Born into a prison
It was all he ever knew

Fighting for survival
Trying to get by
Doing what he had to do
Trying not to die

Three generations of labor camp conditions
Modern day slavery upholding the tradition
The only true priority is maintaining authority
Absolute power, absolute corruption

When he learned about
Life outside the wall
Then he realized
He had nothing at all

Made the decision
No room for doubt
Broke out of the prison
He got the fuck out

Everything he went through
Everything he’s seen
Still going on
Life at Camp Fourteen
Track Name: Millions of Dollars
There have always been wars
Between various nations
For religious beliefs
Or other aspirations

There has always been conflict
And opinions run wide
But when we supply the weapons
We’re supporting genocide

After years of persecution, I can understand
All they ever wanted was to have their own land
So they take what they want, and do as they please
And now Palestine is nothing more than refugees

I have known people
On both sides of the fight
And everyone’s convinced
That of course they are right

But it’s rarely the people
Who start all the wars
It’s actually the governments
Who always want more

What should we do? What do we expect?
What can be said that we haven’t said yet?
I do not condone, I cannot endorse
One country taking another by force
Millions of dollars every single day
While our own country crumbles away
Millions of dollars every single day
While our own country crumbles away
Track Name: Pinball Junkiees
Like a moth drawn in, attracted to the lights
Tilting to the left, and nudging to the right
I may not get the high score, but then again I might
I just wanna play a little pinball tonight

Targets dropped and spinners spun
Shooting ramps until the mode is won
Multi-ball, now get it goin’ on
We be poppin’ bumpers until the break of dawn

Now loop it back around, and shoot that orbit shot
It only takes one ball, so give it all you got
Drop catch and post pass, cradle when you can
Light the extra ball, just the way you planned
Track Name: Fuck The Government
What’s the government ever done
To earn the public’s trust?
Can you name a single time
They’ve done what’s best for us?
The political system we have in place
Only has one thing in mind
To be self-contained and self-sustained
And stand the test of time

Projecting the position
Of drastic opposition
Demanding we decide
Forcing us to pick a side

Republican or Democrat
It’s really all the same
Two sides of the same coin
No matter what they may claim

They protect our freedom
By taking away our privacy
Ensuring that we’re safe
Eliminating liberty

The government is not your friend
Only one thing that they need
For us to blindly follow
Anywhere they lead
Track Name: Night on the Town
It’s been way, way too long
Since you’ve done what the fuck you want
Runnin’ around, causing trouble
Never getting caught

But every now and then
You gotta have a little fun
This is your fucking life
You ain’t gonna get another one

A night on the town
Run around
Party down

Party as a verb
Yeah, that’s what you fuckin’ heard
Keeping it real
Keep it real fucking absurd

A night on the town
Time to fuckin’ party down

I work way too fuckin’ hard
Every single day
Standing around, patiently
Watching every word I say

Well, tonight’s my night to say FUCK IT
Tonight I’m gonna destroy some shit
Life is fucking stupid
Here’s how I deal with it